Saturday, April 21, 2007

Condemn Cho but tolerate Islamists?

I have been waiting to see if an article like the one below would be written. This points out how Iraqi civilians are being mass murdered everyday by sectarian strife and religious zealots and this violence against humanity has become accepted by most democrats as long as it is in other countries.

Actually, this type of violence is common place in many Middle Eastern countries. The killings at VT would be just another day in places like Iraq, Israel, Afghan, Somalia, Palestinian territories, etc....

While our troops fighting the "War on Terror" against these religious thugs and are trying to stop this ruthless violence against innocent people, the liberal and democraps in our country want us to pull out and afford the terrorists unfettered access to slaughter as they please.

In all honesty, much of the blood shed at VT can be blamed on the democrats, liberals and American terrorist group the ACLU. Many of the policies they have pushed for can be directly attributed as to how and why these killings took place!

From World Net Daily --

So where is the similar outrage for the perpetrators of similar massacres that are going on daily in Iraq?

The U.S. has had one such event in 230 years, while Iraq has had 230 such events in the past year alone! Doesn't the world mourn for the loss of these thousands of equally innocent victims?

Apparently not. Are Iraqis less important than Americans? Of course not! Does God love them less than he does Americans? Of course not! We are all a part of His family, and we are all equal in the sight of God. So why doesn't the world condemn the murdering Islamo-fascists in Iraq (and elsewhere) like they do this deeply troubled young man from South Korea?

Like him, they are violently angry young men who have planned ahead of time to commit mass murder and suicide. Is this acceptable behavior in a civilized world? If not, then why does the world condemn it in America but seem to tolerate it in Iraq?

Do liberal Democrats and the mainstream media really think that such daily mass murders will stop occurring once the U.S. pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Thousands of years of world history would indicate otherwise.

The truth is we're the ones trying to stop such massacres, not the ones causing them. At Virginia Tech, the "bad guy" was the murderer, not the police! In Iraq, the "bad guys" are the murderers, not the Coalition forces! More....

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