Monday, April 2, 2007

Pelosi refuses to allow vote supporting England

Nothing like backing up a friend in their time of need!

Playing partisan politics and allowing herself to be influenced in Kerry like fashion, Pelosi refused to allow a vote on a resolution supporting England over the "NEW" Iran Hostage crisis.

Determined to thwart any attempts of the U.S. and our allies being successful in the region, Ninny Pelosi allows herself to be turned into a mouth piece for the liberal blogs.

The Washington Times notes how Ninny is harming one of our strongest supporters, is completely lost on what action to take and the willingness to compromise our international relations in order to "pander to her radical fringe."

The Washington Times

Now that she has won House passage of legislation that would micromanage the way to defeat in Iraq, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finds herself struggling to come up with a coherent policy toward Iran.

Unfortunately, in a desperate effort to appease the hard left of the blogosphere (which worries that Pelosi and the Democratic leadership are insufficiently capitulationist) she has behaved contemptuously toward one of America's closest allies: Great Britain, and in particular, Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Before the House adjourned on Thursday, Mrs. Pelosi refused to permit a vote on House Resolution 267, which condemns Iran for the illegal seizure of British marines and sailors in Iraqi waters March 23.

The resolution was introduced exactly one week ago by Rep. Mark Kirk, Illinois Republican, and was reported out the following day by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. (The panel is chaired by Mrs. Pelosi's fellow California Democrat, Rep. Tom Lantos, who presently is accompanying her on a trip to the Middle East.)

A spokesman for Mrs. Pelosi said the speaker was reluctant to weigh in on the situation without knowing for sure that such a message would do more good than harm. (Why it would be harmful to make a statement supporting an ally who has had members of its armed forces kidnapped by a rogue regime was not explained.) More.....

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