Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Daily Telegraph - Let Iran fear us!

Well who woulda thunk, there are some smart British left! Looks like some of the Brits know how Iran should be dealt with.

Iran Focus reprints a letter from one of England's newpapers, The Daily Telegraph, to British leaders.

It is one thing to be disliked; quite another to be despised. Iran would not have kidnapped our Servicemen without having considered our rules of engagement.....

There is also, perhaps, a feeling of impotence: if we can't invade Iran, what else can we do? Plenty of things.......we could be seizing Iranian assets.

Longer term, we could be putting pressure on the regime by sponsoring its opponents. We could launch tactical strikes at Iranian military installations.

We could even, in extremis, impose the kind of armed siege, complete with no-fly-zone, that paralysed Saddam in the years between the two Iraq wars: we already maintain large coalition garrisons on both Iran's flanks.

Limiting ourselves to trivial resolutions will be treated by the ayatollahs as a sign of weakness. If they hate us, let them also fear us.

Well put!

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