Saturday, April 28, 2007

KSU to disgrace Virginia Tech students memory

In a to be expected, disgusting display, the liberal educators and anti-war activists, will try to tarnish the reputation & memory of the students gunned down at Virginia Tech by a deranged lunatic.

Kent State, the university that hires known terrorists to teach our children, will shamefully be linking the law abiding students innocently gunned down at Virginia Tech, with the KSU students shot in 1970, rightfully so, by Ohio National Guard troops during acts of civil disobedience.

From the PD --

The annual May 4 commemoration of the 1970 killings at Kent State University will include a memorial gesture to the students killed this month at Virginia Tech.

The campus Victory Bell, which rings each year at the time of the Kent State shootings, will also be rung that morning for each of the 32 students killed by a gunman at Virginia Tech.

"With all of the comparisons of what happened there and what happened here, we thought it would be a very timely thing to do," said May 4th Task Force President John Behnken. More.....


The opportunistic vultures will also be having, Cindy " I Love Chavez" Sheehan & former Hanoi Jane beau & North Vietnamese collaborator, Tom Hayden, spew their anti-American babble to the crowd.


  1. It's a noble thing to remember the memories of those who have passed on. Maybe they're not doing it out of want, but out of media pressure.

  2. King's a douche!!!!!!!!!!!


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