Monday, April 2, 2007

The Persian Gulf Stranglehold

This would be good reading material for those that do not understand the importance of our efforts in the Middle East and dealing with the nut job Iranians.

It also shows we MUST do something to decrease our dependency on oil from middle east sources.

Reposted from World Net Daily:

The free flow of crude oil coming from the Persian Gulf is not only critical for America's energy needs but for that of other countries as well. 23.5 percent of America's oil along with 60 percent of Europe's and 90 percent of Japan's is transported daily through the Persian Gulf and more specifically the Strait of Hormuz; one of the most strategic waterways in the world due to its importance in world oil transportation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is a geographic ''choke point.''

There continue to be serious territorial disputes between Iran and other Gulf nations as to who controls the Gulf. Recently the seizure of 15 British sailors is prima facie evidence on how Iran views their ownership and territorial rights within the Gulf. The U.K., being a NATO member nation, has every right to be in the Gulf. This taking of hostages should be viewed as an act of war under Article 5 of the treaty. Yet nothing short of ''a talking to'' has been imposed on Iran for these clearly hostile actions.


Iran's leaders, while looked at as a bunch of religious nut-case barbarians, are very smart cookies. For years they have beefed up their military presence in the Gulf, knowing full well one day they would play the ace card they hold by placing America, Europe and Japan in a virtual stranglehold. That day may have arrived. More.....

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