Sunday, April 1, 2007

Church of England Cleric: Easter message 'repulsive' & 'insane'

First, I do not believe the guy should be allowed to be 'Gay' and be a Reverend. I respect the other side of the argument, but just goes against my beliefs. But since there is no gay agenda in his actions, it has no part in the following post.

Rev. Jeffery John of the Church of England, has a different belief of why Jesus died on the Cross for those of us that follow the Christian faith.

So in the annual Easter attack on Christianity, World Net Daily points out -

In rejecting penal substitution, John will reportedly propose a different interpretation of Christ's death, suggesting Christ was crucified so he could "share in the worst of grief and suffering that life can throw at us."

Rev. John states -

Christian theology has taught the doctrine of "penal substitution" – that humans, alienated from God by their sins and unable to save themselves, could only be forgiven by God sending Christ as a substitute to suffer and die in their place.

"In other words, Jesus took the rap and we got forgiven as long as we said we believed in him," said John. "This is repulsive as well as nonsensical. It makes God sound like a psychopath. If a human behaved like this we'd say that they [sic] were a monster."

Too many Christians fail to understand God is about "love and truth", not "wrath and punishment," Johns said.

I always thought God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die for us to show us love, forgiveness, acceptance, etc.... So in a way Rev. John is correct in part of his theory.

I do not believe God is about punishment, but about consequences.

Here is an example, take the nut job, far right wing, Christian Evangelicals that protest soldiers funerals because of their insane interpretations on Christianity and homosexuality.

Some where in the Bible it talks about you should be a "stumbling block" to the Christian faith and/or someones path to believing in God or his son Jesus Christ.

So if these nut jobs ask for forgiveness for ridiculous actions and being hypocrites of God's word, they will be forgiven. BUT, there will be consequences for them being stumbling blocks to Christianity.

What are the consequences? Who knows? If your reading this, your still alive. But when one gets in that long line to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter will let you know before and if you enter!

I am not a bible thumper, so I cannot cite chapter and verse, sorry Father. But I was forced to say many 'Our Fathers' growing up - HaHa!

Father Racco at Holy Rosary now makes me do my confessions face to face - guess I am special. Father Racco says St. Pete has a whole book on me!

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