Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cuyahoga Co Judge Refuses to Get Tough on Crime

With Cleveland residents being prisoners in their own homes and screaming for protection against the thugs running the streets, Cuyahoga County Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold, a democrat, refuses to be tough on crime.

Former Benedictine High School football star Raymond Williams' who is on probation for involuntary manslaughter continues getting in trouble and continues to get a free pass from Saffold, who refuses to revoke his probation.

Saffold known for making questionable rulings from the bench, comes under fire from former prosecutor, Assistant County Prosecutor Tom Cahill, for telling Williams to flee Ohio because Cahill is after him.

From the PD --

Instead, Saffold put the youths on five years' probation and attached numerous conditions, including demands that Williams stay drug-free and enrolled in college.

He since has had a few brushes with the law. He enrolled at the University of Toledo but couldn't maintain the grades to play football. Then he was charged in January with theft and trespassing after being accused of stealing an electronic transmitter from the campus bookstore. He also was charged with failure to confine and vaccinate a pit bull.

Prosecutors dismissed the theft and dog charges case in exchange for restitution. Williams was then banned from campus.

Saffold, however, declined in February to find he'd violated his probation even though he was no longer a student. She gave him a month to enroll elsewhere.

Williams and attorney Fernando Mack say Williams has been admitted to Shaw University in North Carolina.

Saffold applauded that. She accused Cahill of networking with police to harass Williams and get him imprisoned by reporting any minor offense as a parole violation.

"You need to pack your things and leave Ohio, because Cahill is after you," the judge told Williams, now 21.

Cahill called that shocking.

"She's suggesting that he move from the state and become a fugitive," he said. "He cannot leave the state. He's on probation. More....

It appears that the half baked democrat judge is more concerned about carrying on a personal vendetta against Cahill instead of making sound judicial decisions. Cahill was unsuccessful in his attempt to unseat Saffold during the 2006 election.

Saffold also came under fire for her role in the Baumgartner blogging case, for exercising her right to Free Speech.
Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold said that she wasn't sentencing Baumgartner for the content of her speech but rather for her act of exercising that speech.

Feeling the need to reveal her secrets of how she picks up a man in 1996, Judge Saffold told a female defendant in a theft case to wear a skirt and spread her legs.....
Men are easy," Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Common Pleas Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold told the defendant Katie Nemeth. "You can go sit in the bus stop, put on a short skirt, cross your legs and pick up 25. Ten of them will give you their money."

The judge continued, "If you don't pick up the first 10, then all you got to do is open your legs a little bit and cross them at the bottom, and then they'll stop."

Judge Saffold allegedly made the comments as she fined the 19-year-old Nemeth $200 for misusing a credit card. Nemeth had pleaded guilty.

How this women can continue to be elected is beyond me! The residents of Cuyahoga County need to wake up!


  1. What's even more worrisome is she plans on running for the Supreme Court of Ohio in 2008 agaisnt Justice Maureen O'Connor. Could you imagine Judge Saffold on the State's highest court?

  2. Thanks Anon! That is very scary.

    This women should not be allowed to judge a 1st grade talent show let alone the Ohio Supreme Court!


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