Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drunk Mom threatens lawsuit over doctor advice of "Don't Get Drunk"

A drunk lush in Denver is upset with an emergency room doctor who was tending to her. This inebriated idiot, after falling and being knocked unconscious, is upset that the doctor told her she should not get drunk and hurt herself.

Of course the drunk mother and her attorney are thinking about a lawsuit......

From World Net Daily --

A woman's formal complaint – filed with the city of Denver – alleges she was hurt and humiliated by instructions from an emergency room doctor that she should not get drunk and hurt herself.

The complaint stemmed from an incident that developed when a 34-year-old mother of two, Karin Howe of Littleton, was riding in a rickshaw in Denver's trendy Lower Downtown district, and stood up and fell back onto a sidewalk, where she hit her head and was knocked out, according to a report by CBS Channel 4 television.

She had been partying with friends, and appeared to have been drinking just before the accident. Documents obtained by the television station showed her blood alcohol level measured 0.216 percent after the accident, and that Howe was uncooperative with emergency response personnel and was tied down. More.....

I guess being drunk, falling out of a rickshaw and getting knocked out is not as humiliating as a doctor telling you don't get drunk.

Great example for her kids!

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