Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rev. Ted to continue E-Check

Rev. Strickland is trying to sneak through and reinstate the useless and costly E-Check that has been slated to be eliminated this year. Most likely this is to cater to his tree hugging friends who preach about the mthyical Global Warming scare spewed by Al "Media Whore" Gore.

From the
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The test of vehicles registered in seven Northeast counties was scheduled to be eliminated at the end of this year, but Gov. Ted Strickland included it in his proposed two-year budget and the plan was included in the budget that passed the House 97-0 recently.

But State Sens. Tim Grendell of Chester Twp. and Kevin Coughlin of Cuyahoga Falls -- both Republicans -- said they would vote against any budget that contains an extension the E-Check program. It has already ended in southwest Ohio.

"Senator Coughlin and I strongly oppose any effort to bring E-Check back to life," Grendell said at a Statehouse press conference.

Grendell said the tests inconveniences hundreds of thousands of northeast Ohioans while doing nothing to improve air quality.

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  1. wonder if he was waiting to eliminate it around his re-elect time?


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