Friday, May 11, 2007

Penile implants to boost Canine self esteem....

Incredible! Don't know if I should be amazed with people's ignorance or rolling on the floor with laughter!

From the Columbus Dispatch --

Real, or fake? Never mind the busty woman walking her dog in the park, it may just be her pooch who's sporting implants.

Some pet owners who neuter their male dogs are opting for a surgical procedure meant to make Fido feel like he's back in the good ol' days B.C. ? Before Castration.

Neuticles, testicular implants for dogs that look and feel like the real thing, are said to boost a pet's self-esteem by replacing what was lost. It's a procedure that's becoming increasingly popular in New York.

"We did it so Truman could still walk proudly down the street," said Penny Glazier, a Manhattan restaurateur, of her 8-year-old bullmastiff. "We felt it would be good for him psychologically," she said.

Size, by the way, does matter. Neuticles range from petite (0.63 inches in length) to XXlarge (2.75 inches). More....

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