Friday, May 18, 2007

Toilet seat up or down? No difference, I'm a He/She

The school that brought you civil disobedience in 1970 and terrorist professors in 2007, now brings you "gender neutral bathrooms."

From Ohio News Now --

Kent State University is accommodating transgender students with a newly relabeled unisex restroom that has four images on the door: a man, a woman, a person in a wheelchair and a man and a woman separated by a slash.

The concept, which the school hopes to expand in its new buildings and renovation projects, reflects a growing trend on U.S. campuses.

Kent State's "gender neutral" bathroom is located in the campus student center near the offices of student organizations, including one that works on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

The bathroom, near restrooms conventionally labeled "Men" and "Women," has a single toilet, a sink, a diaper changing table and a power assisted door for the handicapped. The campus map lists it as a "family restroom."

The four-part sign on the bathroom's door was affixed after the Queer Liberation Front campus organization asked about installing a unisex bathroom for transgender students.

Ron Kirksey, a university spokesman, said the bathroom would meet the special needs of those beyond the transgender community. He downplayed the uniqueness of the arrangement and said the university has received no complaints.

"They're everywhere. I saw them at Beachwood Mall the other day. They are in medical centers and professional buildings," said Kirksey, adding that the university only changed the sign. "There's no sign up there that this is for transgender or anything. It's for anyone who wants to use it."

Gender neutral bathrooms have become more common on U.S. campuses, including at universities in Georgia, Massachusetts and Arizona. More....

What an innovative way to waste taxpayers dollars!

Can someone please remind me there is no homosexual agenda?

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