Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time for Little George to GO!

There have been quite a few posts about a few republicans supporting sanctuary cities, most upsetting to me is Little George Voinovich.

Lake & Ashtabula counties recently had hundreds of illegal aliens hiding in a church. We have other areas in Ohio besieged with illegals and Voinovich wants to create more of a burden on this area. Cleveland is already the poorest city in the United States, we don't need anymore burdens or anchors on society.

The little guy over at Right Angle Blog, the vigilant RINO watchdog that he is, points out our own little George cast the vote to kill an amendment that would close a gaping national security loop hole.

The amendment proposed by Senator Norm Coleman, would allow -- local law enforcement officials are able to communicate with federal law enforcement agencies regarding suspected immigration violations. Currently, a number of cities throughout the nation are using a loophole to get around Sec. 642 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) of 1996 by instituting ordinances forbidding local law enforcement to even ask the question as to whether a person is in the U.S. lawfully, thereby evading their legal responsibility to report their suspicions to the federal government.

On a larger scale, Weapons of Mass Discussion points out the orange picker, Sen. Martinez, is more disappointing --

Let me apply a little more emphasis: The head of the Republican National Committee thinks it is a good idea for cities to have the power to say "Eff You" to the federal government and law enforcement personnel trying to enforce our immigration laws.

Sen. Martinez should step down as head of the RNC immediately. He clearly is not in touch with the American people or the party he "leads."

Maybe Martinez might be hoping Voinovich could find a few of his relatives a job in Ohio. What's a few more stiffs from Ohio being out out of work by illegal aliens.

National Security? No big deal -- Nobody would ever attack the United States!

Hopefully this will be Little George's last term. You can be sure I won't go to another one his $100 hot dog fund raisers and I sure as hell will never vote for him again!

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