Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Special Place in Hell for School Critics?

I wonder if it will be nice? I am going to get me a nice cooler and lots of beer. Don't worry, I will won't wear my Speedo's.

From World Net Daily --

Parents who fail to toe the line set by the combination of government schools and union educators deserve a "special place in hell," according to a Colorado state lawmaker.

The statement was made in a legislative strategy e-mail from Rep. Mike Merrifield, D-Colorado Springs, to Sen. Sue Windels, D-Arvada, and was uncovered during a recent open records investigation by the FaceTheState, a political blog.

The e-mail was written during an exchange in which Merrifield and Windels were looking for procedures through which they could gut the state's Charter School Institute, which allows parents to set up schools that compete with public schools and are run by parents.

"There must be a special place in Hell for these Privatizers, Charerizers (sic), and Voucherizers! They deserve it," he wrote. More....

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