Sunday, May 27, 2007

Iran sentences two to death by being thrown off cliff

I am sort of torn on this post. One one hand I find it hard to accept Iran would do anything good, then on the other hand considering the crimes committed, I agree with the sentences handed out......

From Iran Focus --

Tehran, Iran, May 25 – An Islamic court in Iran sentenced two men to death by being thrown of a cliff, the official state daily “Iran” reported on Thursday.

The sentences were issued in the central Iranian province of Fars.

The two men were identified only by their first names Tayyeb and Yazdan. They were accused of rape.

Iran’s Islamic penal system regularly practices centuries-old sentences for petty crimes, such as amputation of limbs, eye gouging, stoning to death, and throwing prisoners off a cliff in a sac.

Well, there sure would be no argument of not being able to find a vein!

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