Saturday, May 26, 2007

Use of 'Dog Crap' ruled Free Speech

It appears there must be an exodus of people from San Francisco moving to the northeastern Colorado area. A jury of dunderheads in Weld County found a retired University of Northern Colorado professor innocent on charges of, criminal use of a noxious substance.

The retired 64 year old professor, Kathy Ensz, left a pile of dog crap at the congressional office of U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, in what she claimed was protected political speech. The brain dead jury bought it.

From the Greely Tribune --

Ensz said she felt vindicated by the verdict...... "This was a ghastly waste of time. It was a political vendetta on the part of the Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck."

....."It was a total waste of money, the taxpayers' money." "It was only a political message," she said.

Her defense attorney, Trish Bangert, said the case chilled her client's right to free speech."I do think Ms. Ensz's civil rights were violated," she said.

Buck took issue with the free speech definition.

"A lot of people end up eating their words," he said. "I wonder if she would be willing to eat the speech in this case." More....

Is this another case of Selective Free Speech or not? I say selective.

This CRAP is protected speech, but two Philadelphia grandmothers were jailed for "Hate Speech" because they were preaching the Bible.

Sooooo, I can leave dog crap on my democrat neighbor's door step and that is OK, but if I talk about the Bible, I can get arrested for a Hate Crime -

Makes a whole lot of liberal sense to me!

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