Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cuyahoga County can't find State Welfare Money

It will be fun to see how this one turns out! I wonder if the "Mason Machine" will have another asst. prosecutor with ties to the judge work this case?

The good thing is that at least Cuyahoga County is consistent.... in screwing the residents!

From the PD --

The Cuyahoga County prosecutor is investigating how hundreds of thousands of dollars of state welfare money went missing.

The commissioners were briefed on the situation. Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim Hagan said the county is uncertain how much money is missing, but he was told it could be $400,000 or more.

Ohio provides the monthly payments to people receiving public assistance - now known as temporary aid for needy families - but county employees sign people up for the programs.

The director of the county's Employment and Family Services Department, Joseph Gaunter, declined to comment on the investigation at the request of the prosecutor's office.

Employee Juanita Jackson Myrick was put on paid leave from the Employment and Family Services Department in late April. An entry made in the county court system listed Myrick and Denise McCory and indicated an investigation had begun. McCory is not a county employee.

Myrick, a supervisor in the department who made a little more than $48,000 last year, has worked for the county about 17 years. Neither she nor McCory could be reached for comment.

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