Sunday, May 6, 2007

MSM distorts truth about US troops feelings on torture

After reading the piece on alleged abuse of Iraqi's by American soldiers in the Columbus Discourse, I had to ask myself the question of, "Why is this news?"

Is this news?

No, this is propaganda! War is not clean, nice, or absent of collateral damage. This is further proof that the MSM will distort the positive and report on the negative.

The liberal anti-war MSM, as they did with Vietnam, again tries to create news out of our soldiers trying to protect themselves and complete their mission.

Instead of portraying this story in a positive way of, " Study shows there is no systematic abuse of Iraqi's by American troops", the MSM attempts to capitalize on a backwards presenting of the numbers to further pave the "Road to Defeat" being charted by the dems.


As in Vietnam, our soldiers are fighting an invisible enemy, an enemy that USES civilians as their camouflage. An enemy that transforms Mosques and schools into fire bases. An enemy from within the very people we are protecting.

So is it abuse to shoot someone who appears to be a threat if they are wearing civilian clothes? Is it abuse to rough up people in a home where the previous night our troops were taking fire from? I think not!

I believe our soldiers and information agencies SHOULD be allowed to use ANY MEANS necessary to extract information if it results in the saving of innocent Iraqi's lives and especially U.S. Troops.

From the Columbus Dispatch.....

More than one-third of U.S. soldiers in Iraq surveyed by the Army said they believe torture should be allowed if it helps gather important information about insurgents, the Pentagon disclosed yesterday. Four in 10 said they approve of such illegal abuse if it would save the life of a fellow soldier.

In addition, about two-thirds of Marines and half the Army troops surveyed said they would not report a team member for mistreating a civilian or for destroying civilian property unnecessarily. "Less than half of soldiers and Marines believed that noncombatants should be treated with dignity and respect," the Army report stated.

About 10 percent of the 1,767 troops in the official survey, conducted in Iraq in the fall, reported that they had mistreated civilians in Iraq, such as kicking them or needlessly damaging their possessions.

"They looked under every rock, and what they found was not always easy to look at," S. Ward Casscells, the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, said of Army researchers who conducted the survey......

Maj. Gen. Gale Pollock, the acting Army surgeon general, cast the report as positive news. "What it speaks to is the leadership that the military is providing, because they're not acting on those thoughts," she said. "They're not torturing the people."

But human-rights activists said the report lends support to their view that the abuse of Iraqi civilians by U.S. military personnel was not isolated to some bad apples at Abu Ghraib and a few other detention facilities but instead was more widespread. More.....

I like to use the justified, WW II Bombing of Tokyo in 1942, as an example of how the media's negative portrayal of today's War on Terror has an adverse effect and weakens our ability to be successful.

I could just imagine the MSM reaction should a Burning of Tokyo operation be carried out today in Iraq. I would bet many of our enemies would "rethink" their positions if we did!

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