Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hillary confident about democrats chance in '08

Playing to the Ohio Dems who successfully kicked egotistical Ohio GOP Party chairman, Bob Bennett to the curb, Hillrod of course attacks Bush and feels the democrats can again run a losing election with a poor candidate to win the presidency.

With Ohio most likely again being a battle ground, this realization may not be far off. Ohio is now being run by democrats and Bennett has given them control of the Cuyahoga County BOE through the '08 Presidential election.

Ohio News Now writes -
Only two Democrats since 1900 have won the presidency without carrying Ohio and no Republican has done so. The state clinched re-election for President Bush in 2004.

But Democrats have new optimism that they can win the state that Clinton's husband, Bill, carried twice after they captured the Ohio governor's seat for the first time in 16 years last November and, in a backlash attributed in part to a state government investment scandal, seized three other statewide offices long held by Republicans.

She said Democrats can retake the White House in 2008 by repeating the voter enthusiasm and turnout they saw in 2006, when the party gained control of Congress and many governor's offices, including Ohio's, across the country.

And from the last person that should be talking about common sense or values, the gelded ORP chairman adds --
Ohio Republican Party chairman Bob Bennett said Clinton will say anything to gain power.

"But she can never escape her liberal activist agenda," he said. "That's why she'll continue to be on the losing end in Ohio. She just doesn't fit with our common sense Midwestern values."

While Hillary may never connect with Ohio voters, it won't be because she is lacking a local & vocal cheerleader ---
Some in Saturday night's crowd were holding back support for Clinton, a sentiment revealed when Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones asked the crowd to cheer "Ohio for Clinton!" and few joined in.

I guess RPCC turncoat Roger Synenberg was not there!

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  1. No question Ohio is up for grabs in 2008. Democrats might be able to win w/o it. It will be very difficult for the Republicans to do so.


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