Friday, May 25, 2007

More reports of Torture in Iraq

Thought you were going to find something posted here about our troops allegedly torturing Iraqi's -- NOPE! Figured the title would get all the dems and lib's to click post looking for more garbage to spew about our soldiers.

Here is something I doubt we will ever see in the MSM - Al-Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents, noT U.S. soldiers, are systematically torturing their victims.

From World Net Daily --

The Pentagon has released graphic images that reportedly were obtained by U.S. military personnel in a raid on an Iraqi safe house, showing prescribed methods of torture for victims, including dragging a victim behind a vehicle and amputating limbs with a meat cleaver.

The images [warning, they are graphic] have appeared on the Smoking Gun website and others, and participants in a chat forum at Jihad Watch simply noted that the treatments depicted, from using a blowtorch on human skin to extracting an eye with a sharp tool, make it clear the U.S. use of any coercive methods on inmates isn't even in the same league.

"The pictures … are worth … 100,000 words in knowing the creatures behind the events," wrote Lame Cherry. "This … is what real torture looks like and not what the MSM was trying to portray in people standing in a cell naked being humiliated as 'torture.'" More....


defending 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Rosie O'Donnell previously offered this view on U.S treatment of enemy combatants at Gitmo & Abu Ghraib....

....... terrorists are people too," and asserted the U.S. "robs them of their humanity." "They've been treating them like animals … they have hoods over their heads, they torture them on a daily basis," she said.

I guess since Al-Qaeda puts victims in a "Safe House", instead of a jail, their torture techniques are acceptable by the democrats, liberals, MSM and most of all Pumpkin Head Rosie O'Donnell.

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