Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Syria used to buy Russian Air Defense for Iran

Yearning for a time when they were a super power, Russia still does what it can to interfere throughout the free world. Russia will be supplying air defense systems to Iran, using Syria as the middle man to broker the deal.

Bush needs to tell Putin, to back off and stop his meddling. With Iranian arms being found in Iraq on a regular basis, we can be sure these defense systems will end up in the hands of terrorists or Iraqi insurgents to use against Americans.

Persian Journal writes.....

Syria has agreed to supply Iran with at least 10 out of 50 air defence systems that Damascus is in the process of buying from Russia, Jane's Defence Weekly reported in this week's edition.

Jane's quoted a source close to the deal as saying that while most of the Pantsyr-S1E systems were earmarked for Syrian Air Defence Command, "the end user for 10 of the systems is Tehran". It said Iran would take delivery of them in late 2008. To reward Syria for its middleman role, mullahs would part-finance Syria's Pantsyrs as well as paying for its own. Rest of the story....

Boy, Syria must have really listened to Ninny Pelosi!

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