Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cuyahoga County Sheriff's son pleads out felony drug charges

Kevin "Crack Pipe" McFaul, disgraced attorney and son of older than dirt, Democrat Sheriff Gerald McFaul, was in court to plea bargain down felony drug charges.

The PD notes that this is not uncommon for first time offenders. But with the younger McFaul's drug infested history and embarrassments in the courtroom, one has to wonder if having a Daddy who is a Sheriff, having a democrat judge and a hack democrat prosecutor's office, if special treatment is not being given.

From the PD

The younger McFaul could face up to six months in jail when Common Pleas Judge Bridget McCafferty sentences him on July 12.

His plea bargain came six days before he was to go on trial on two felony drug-possession counts. The defendant and his lawyer, James McDonnell, couldn't be reached to comment afterward.

The reduction in charges in a case centered on trace amounts of drugs is not uncommon for an offender such as Kevin McFaul, who doesn't have a lengthy criminal history. He had no previous felony convictions.

He does, however, have a long history of drug-related problems, including an arrest and a second chance in 2002, when he received drug treatment in lieu of prosecution. Even before that, his name surfaced in police reports about others' drug arrests, but McFaul wasn't charged.

The signs of the treatment's failure were glaring by 2005, when a judge dismissed him as a capital-murder defendant's lawyer because of signs and rumors of drug abuse. Then, last Oct. 12, a crack pipe fell from the lawyer's pocket during a Juvenile Court proceeding, More....
I do give Sheriff McFaul for having his son arrested after the crack pipe incident, but my gut feeling says most defendants with this type of drug history would not get the same breaks.

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