Saturday, May 26, 2007

France Protests UN over Iranian Nuke Program

Well this has not happened in a long time! France, finally getting a set of balls, is taking sides with the United States over the useless U.N., on the Iranian Nuke Program.

If they keep acting like this, I will have to change my tag line.

From Iran Focus --

France will add its voice to protests by the United States over UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei's comments that Iran should be allowed to keep some uranium enrichment, officials said Wednesday.

"Our permanent representative in Vienna will join the American initiative," said a foreign ministry spokesman. "We share, along with several other partners, the substance of the concerns expressed by our American partners."

The United States is seeking to protest directly to ElBaradei for saying in recent newspaper interviews that Iran should be allowed to keep some uranium enrichment, diplomats said in Vienna, the headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency.

"France continues to support the process undertaken by the (UN) Security Council, including insisting on suspension (of uranium enrichment) and, if there is no suspension, sanctions," said France's foreign ministry spokesman. More.....

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