Friday, March 9, 2007

Away from Sectarianism

Mshari Al-Zaydi

asharq alawsat

Today, there is no protector against an American strike against Iran. It seems that difficult times are approaching the seas and deserts of the Gulf. Talk on the subject of war, the logic of war and the language of war is what surrounds us every day. The fire ball, not the snow ball, is rolling in "nuclear" Persia.

Iran is betting on time of which it wants to win more to be able to further aggravate matters to the point of no return and then negotiate on what it wants, and what Iran wants, in essence, is not the right to possess nuclear energy. Such a claim is merely a fa├žade or a symbolic reflection of what is more important and deeper: Iran wants to have considerable influence on the region and not to be disparaged or have its ambitions curbed by the United States.

In this consideration, nuclear power is only a "stake" that refers to the essence of the problem, which is summarized by the following question: "Who is the master of the Middle East?"

Thus the nuclear issue is open to negotiations and relinquishment but what about negotiating the role of power and influence? Who will solve these issues and how? More....

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