Monday, March 19, 2007

Uncovered FBI documents link RFK to Monroe death

In reading this, one could draw similarities on the death of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith.

You could also say RFK could be compared to Howard K. Stern. Both of them took advantage of mentally unstable women and used drugs to control and manipulate them.

World Net Daily writes:

A secret FBI document, uncovered by a Los Angeles-based Australian writer and director, suggests that then-U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, was aware – and perhaps participated in – a plot to induce actress Marilyn Monroe to commit suicide, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Monroe, the report says, "often made suicide attempts and ... was inclined to fake a suicide attempt in order to arouse sympathy." Several people, knowledgeable of that, plotted to induce her to make an attempt and left her to die, the report suggests.

The three-page document, hidden among thousands of pages of FBI documents, was obtained by Philippe Mora under the Freedom of Information Act. Received by the FBI on October 19, 1964, two years after Monroe's death, the document, compiled by an unnamed former special agent who worked for then-California Gov. Pat Brown, was titled "ROBERT F KENNEDY".....

The report, hidden as a classified document for over 40 years, details Kennedy's on-and-off affair with Hollywood actress and discusses an alleged conspiracy, More.....

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