Monday, March 12, 2007

Please pay State of Cordray

The PD editorial section comments on Treasurer Cordray feels all checks from anyone doing business with the State of Ohio should be made out to him.

Maybe in his next, "I'm important" move, we will rename the state after him.

From the PD

Richard Cordray, Ohio's new treasurer, is a bright guy who likes the looks of his own name.

Cordray has come up with an idea that's both transparently political and in questionable taste. He wants taxpayers or those seeking to do business with his office to write out checks in his name, not to the "Ohio Treasurer of State" which has been the standard for decades.

On the self-promotion scale, this idea sails out of the stratosphere.

On the what-is-the-point-of-it scale, this idea doesn't move the needle.

Cordray claims a check made out in his name will improve accountability and security, while making the transactions more personal.


Last we checked, Ohio had been in the business of being a state for 204 years; Cordray has held his state office for less than 90 days. The taxpayers of this state do business with the state, not with Cordray.

Their checking accounts should continue to reflect that - not the whims of an officeholder talented enough that he shouldn't have to worry that Ohioans will forget who he is.

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  1. A silly move IMO, but Cordray is the least of our problems when you look at the other Dems who got elected.


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