Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Third Cuyahoga BOE member resigns - Bennett still hangs on

From the PD Breaking News -

A third member of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections resigned today, leaving just one holdout to fight an attempt by Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to oust the entire board.

The latest to depart is Sally Florkiewicz, a former chairwoman of the county Republican Party. Her term was to expire in 2012. Two Democrats -- Edward Coaxum and labor leader Loree Soggs -- resigned last week.

The remaining board member is Chairman Bob Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Brunner has begun a process aimed at firing Bennett. She has cited the conviction of two elections workers on recount-rigging charges.

Well this is a good sign, who know's why all of a sudden Sally opened her eyes and stopped being blindly led by the nose by Bennett.
I really can't wait to hear how this battle will help our party.
The only losers in this battle will be the voters of Cuyahoga County!

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