Sunday, March 18, 2007

KSU defends terrorist professor promoting jihad

Just when you think the lefts agenda to redefine our First Amendment right to "Free Speech" can't get any more absurd than it has, it does.

Should it go with out saying that this far reaching attempt is coming from a college?

KSU Jihad Professor, Julio Pino, has admitted to supporting and writing on a blog that promotes Jihad and preaches violence against America. KSU denies any links to the web site and stated they do not like being connected to the story.

Funny how they claim no involvement, but then defend him using our constitution and noting that as a teacher his added academic freedom.

While denying the ties, the professor has used KSU's email account to spread his terrorist views, the Plain Dealer writes: (Emphasis added)

The retired U.S. Navy man never intended to leave his e-mail address behind when he posted a message about his Christianity two years ago on a jihadist's blog.

Yet, when the jihadist - using a Kent State University e-mail address - wrote back citing a Bible verse, the Navy man was intrigued.

"I am fighting to save the life of my people, as you are yours," the jihadist said. "My weapon is faith, as is yours."

In the days that followed, the Navy man and the jihadist politely debated online until the jihadist left a chilling post about sleeper cells:

"Who knows when the next martyrdom operation might be coming to your town? I do."

But Pino, his supporters and many academics said his posts are protected by both the Constitution and by the concept of academic freedom - protection that has for generations shielded the jobs of U.S. professors with unpopular views. More....

Isn't this nice - a terrorist paid with our tax dollars allowed to use KSU email to spew his hate and they defend him.

This is NOT a matter of "Free Speech" or "Academic Freedom" when the terrorist professor is using KSU's email during work hours to advance and try to recruit for his extremist muslim beliefs.

Unless KSU condones the tenured professors views, they should terminate him immediately. If they fail to do so, any funding from the state should be withheld until his removal.

OSU is investigating a librarian for sexual harassment and hate speech for promoting a book that some feel is offensive to homosexuals.

San Francisco University charges students with "Desecration of Allah" for stepping on a paper Hamas flag.

Then as I posted earlier today, we have North Idaho College who is supporting their professor that thinks republicans should be executed.

But KSU does not feel the professor's posts are offensive or should be considered "hate speech."

Can somebody please explain, I am a little confused?!?


  1. I'm glad to see this is finally becoming an issue in the States. I know the navy guy personally, and am fully aware of the extent to which Pino has gone to intimidate and threaten him and his family. KSU needs to be publicly called to account. Blogging on the situation is a step in that process. Keep it up, and ..... any other blogger reading this.... blog it yourself. Don't let KSU off the hook. It took 2 years to get them on it!
    Pino is a pimple on the arse of America, growing into a boil. Lance it, and squeeze the pus out, before it infects the whole system.

  2. Our defense forces are over seas defending the rights of those that will kill us- but in our home lands the same morons - they destroy us without hesitation and are defended by those that were sworn to protect and defend your property and Society from the very enemy they defend in foreign lands who are waging war in our land; and who escape any accountability and are exonerated of any evil crime and act of aggression;

    Absolute Hideous blind stupor.

    Mount up:::


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