Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cleveland sues to defend city gun laws

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March 14, 2007

Cleveland filed suit today to challenge a state law that nullifies city gun laws, including those banning assault weapons and guns on school property.

The suit says that the Ohio Constitution grants cities like Cleveland the power to make local laws that put limitations on firearms. The city timed its filing in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Court to the day the state law took effect.

In a news conference at police headquarters, where he was surrounded by assault weapons police had seized, Mayor Frank Jackson said the city will continue to enforce its laws while challenging the state law.

City laws prohibit minors from possessing firearms, ban weapons on school property and ban the possession and sale of assault weapons.

"We intend to enforce our laws regardless of what the state has done," Jackson said.


I want to describe this as grandstanding by Jackson, but I believe he is coming from his heart on this. Being a product of Cleveland's inner city, gun violence is something he knows about first hand.

I give him credit for having good intentions but unfortunately, the Mayor is incorrect in his thinking and gun laws.

I would first like to state, I strongly believe in our Second Amendment Rights. I believe with rights comes responsibility.

I think the recent watering down of the carry conceal law shows the ignorance of many gun rights people and are nothing short of foolishness.

As for Mayor Jackson the reason his thinking is flawed and his argument could be considered playing on emotions of the citizens.

Here is why -

He states the new state nullifies Cleveland's law regarding minors in possession of guns on school property. State Law & Federal Law dictate minors are not allowed to own guns.

So any minor in possession of a firearm is in violation of the law, as they would be in possession of an illegal firearm.

Any person in possession of a firearm on a school property without a carry conceal permit, would be in violation of state laws. Unless of course he was wearing it showing like a cowboy and it was a legally owned gun.

So the hoopla about the school issue is hollow.

As for the assault style weapons - they do look intimidating and are great for headlines.

I would be interested in seeing the numbers of how many "legally owned" assault weapons were involved in crimes prior to Cleveland's ban. For that matter, I wonder how many of the weapons Jackson posed with were purchased legally.

I am all for removing illegal guns from the street, but that needs to be done through enforcement of current federal and state laws.


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