Thursday, March 22, 2007

Carnival of Ohio Politics #64

Carnival of Ohio Politics #64

The posts …Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle opens her blog to a lively discussion of war protests, patriotism and treason after a reader submitted a photo of a protester at the University of Toledo holding a sign reading "Death to America!"

Pho's Akron Pages point to concerns over an Ohio telecom bill which would limit the power of cities to negotiate cable contracts. Pho calls the lament of school voucher advocates over Gov. Strickland's proposed budget "crocodile tears." Finally, a look for what passes as cutting edge Internet usage in a municipal government.

Tom at BizzyBlog says Strickland's effort to cash in early on the tobacco settlement is one more "I told you so" for critics of the agreement between states and tobacco companies.

Politics In Mudville provides photos of an anti-war protest which he joined in Toledo and offers observations and commentary.

Conservative Culture takes a look at an ethics bill introduced by State Sen. Faber which actually has some teeth.

VikingSpirit's Blog is calling for action to stop the Real ID law from trampling civil liberties. Future opportunities for Republican Tom Brinkman are investigated. Among those, perhaps a challenge to U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt?

Ben at the Keeler Political Report observes the Cleveland Plain Dealer is now reporting on the Kent State professor who has professed support for Islamic militants - which is more than can be said of most other local media.

King's Right Site says Cleveland's black leaders are ripping off black workers. Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority expenditures are exposed. Finally, the King finds it ironic that a professor who called for death to those who vote Republican is now complaining of death threats to herself.

Dayton Daily News education reporter Scott Elliott at Get on the Bus notes the new Strickland budget appears to take some promised building funds away from school districts in favor of a short-term income boost for the state. Meanwhile, it is noted school choice proponents are clearly in the governor's crosshairs.

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