Thursday, March 8, 2007

OSU Librarian Sues Gay Professors

You will see this is just another shameful example of the homosexual agenda being forced down our countries throat.

I would have to say most the educators in our country are hell bent on creating a culture of liberalism with their relentless attempts to rewrite the First Amendment to fit their politically correct and watered down theories.

After an unprecedented attack by a group of Gay professor's waging a systematic campaign filled with hateful and demeaning statements against a librarian for the OSU-Mansfield campus, the librarian has decided to fight back.

World Net Daily reports ---

A university librarian accused of "sexual harassment" simply for recommending all incoming freshmen read the popular book "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian – a case that made national headlines, having been called the year's most "shameful" campus persecution case – has filed a defamation lawsuit against the accusing faculty members.

Named as defendants are OSU-Mansfield professors Norman W. Jones, James F. Buckley, Hannibal Hamlin and Gary Kennedy, as well as 10 additional "John Does" and "Jane Does" –
who conferred privately with Defendants Jones, Buckley, Hamlin and Kennedy and/or acted in concert with them to advance the goal of defaming and humiliating Mr. Savage at OSU-Mansfield and in the broader community."

Savage also explained his legal battle in professional terms: "Librarians need to counter academic bullying and censorship – it is in our code of ethics, and I take that charge very seriously," he said.

In early February, 2006, Plaintiff Scott A. Savage agreed to serve on the First Year Reading Experience Committee..... At the Committee's first meeting, several books were proposed that carried a leftist perspective on history, culture, or politics. The proposed books included works by Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond and Jimmy Carter. …

On March 9, 2006, Jones e-mailed the Committee taking issue with Mr. Savage’s recommendation of "The Marketing of Evil," labeling it "anti-gay" and "homophobic tripe."

Mr. Savage e-mailed the Committee to offer other reviews of the book and to defend his academic freedom to suggest it to the Committee.

Jones then took the further step of sending a private e-mail to Mr. Savage’s supervisor, Library Director Beth Burns, questioning the integrity of the library staff and implicitly attacking Mr. Savage's professionalism.

Jones also sent an e-mail to the campus Dean, threatening to look for other work and explicitly denigrating Mr. Savage's professionalism in suggesting the book. Jones then sent another e-mail to the Committee attacking Mr. Savage's academic opinions. More...

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  1. I am now retired, but was subjected to a similar persecution in the mid-1990s. It ended with my winning a substantial financial settlement from my institution. If Mr. Savage wishes to contact me, my own address is:

    .....Martin Arbagi, Professor Emeritus, Wright State University


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