Sunday, March 25, 2007

Halle Berry - Still a Phony

Halle Berry, who was recently in Cleveland for the opening of her movie, "Perfect Stranger", still claims she is so in love with her hometown. Problem is, she seldom, if ever, mentions her hometown of Oakwood, OH.

As she is a perfect stranger to this area, it is fitting she comes to this area for the opening of this movie.

The one thing that could be mentioned is Halle has never changed. She was a phony growing up, and is continuing to do a great job at it.

I attended Bedford High School with Halle, and sat a couple seats from her for two years in our Marketing Education class. Because of Halle's, "I am better than you" attitude, she was far from popular and was not well looked upon by black or white students.

When we were in Bedford High School, the black & white students got along very well and hung around in integrated groups. Many of us were close friends and continue to be.

Problem was that growing up, Halle would look down at the other black students in school. The white students did not take kindly to Halle be so condescending towards friends of ours. Which caused her to be picked on by many students of both races.

Halle, being of mixed race, had a habit of being "white" one day and "black" the next day. Which led us to continually ask her, "Hey Halle, are you black or white today?"

To be fair, I have been told Halle did donate one of her dresses to BHS for an auction to raise money for scholarships. I am pretty sure this ALL she did for her real hometown.

Many of us found it ironic, that growing up Halle would try to distance herself from being African-American, yet she turned into Super Black Women during her crocodile tears speech accepting the Academy Award for her role as Dorothy Dandridge.

The PD quoted Halle at her opening -
"I'm so happy to be home," Berry told the packed theater before the film started. "I swear this is true. No matter how many countries I've been to, no matter how many warm receptions I've gotten, my heart was beating when I pulled up. Nothing feels better. The voices all sound familiar in some weird way. I'm of here. I'm from here. And I'm one of you."

Halle, No you are not one of us and never have been!


  1. Let me get this striaght, you picked on halle in high school because you thought she acted like she was better than you? Wow! I swear every bully l know, says the same thing.

  2. Guess you got picked on too, huh?

    Halle was picked on because of how she treated other people.


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