Thursday, March 15, 2007

Public district students offered guidance on being homosexual

The following story has to be one of the most disgusting displays I have ever seen of the "Homo Sexual Agenda" being forced down the throats of our country and the poisoning our children through the use of our schools.

This "Homo Sexual Agenda" is no better than the terrorists who are creating a culture of hate by introducing their extreme beliefs to grade school children in their countries.

A school in Newton, MA conducted a seminar for the students in which they explained "how to know" if you are homosexual.

The seminar, which North Newton High School students were forced to attend, was called "ToBeGlad Day," and was the school's "Transgender Bisexual Gay Lesbian Awareness Day." I wonder if they have an, " I'm Straight Day"?

Some concerned parents were told if they wanted to attend, they needed to be invited by the school. When the parents requested to be invited they were told - NO! So much for encouraging parental involvement.

The article, noting the impressionable age group of the children, pointed out the event taught children being gay is natural and encouraged them to explore.
..... students were given a pamphlet that explains what it means to be "gay," tells students how they are supposed to know if they are "gay," and responds to the question, "Will I ever have sex?"

"The pamphlet also lists places kids can go to meet homosexuals....... some of the topics of the seminar, as reported by the student newspaper, included: "It's natural to be gay," "Nature vs. Nurture," and "Fabulous Gay History."

The brochure was written with the help of the Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth and produced by The Campaign to End Homophobia.

second brochure included 16 pages of Website addresses, telephone numbers and other information through which students can reach "gay" organizations, law firms, advocacy groups, support clubs and others.

It was made available through the National Youth Advocacy Coalition, which calls itself a "social justice organization that advocates for and with young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning…"

As this event was mandatory for students, was any consideration given that some "straight" students may be offended by this information?

For the students that find homosexuality offensive, being forced to attend this event, could or would this not be considered a form of sexual harassment?

No Homosexual Agenda, huh?

Educators trying to indoctrinate a "Culture of Liberalism" - Never!


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