Saturday, March 31, 2007

8th Grade Criminals

I am sure I won't score alot of points with this post.

Looks like some kids, being typical kids, will have a juvenile record over an April Fool's Day prank.

The kids were wrong for doing this, no questions about it! I do think it is funny and give the hellions credit for being ballsy. I am laughing as I write this, thinking which teacher I "should" have done that too.

Don't want to give kids ideas, so I won't be specific, but their were several teachers in Bedford High School that we would prank on an occasional basis. Sometimes we got caught, more often we did not.

Although one teacher who had a regularly scheduled trip to the public restroom stall between classes, weekly got bombarded with wet paper towels over the walls of the stall as he did his "paperwork". We never could figure out why this tard kept using the same same bathroom at the same time knowing we hooligans would do this.

Coach Codner (our wrestling coach) would always find out about our pranks and take it out on us in practices. If we got suspended and missed practice, you still "owed him" the work as in laps, push ups, made to run with your hands against the wall ("Pushing the Wall") & mat time.

Point of this is, kids will be kids. They were wrong and should be punished to learn there are consequences for your actions, but do they need to have a juvenile record over this?

Suspension, detention and a swat or two is in order. The teacher was not hurt nor were the students. Involving the police is an overkill and a waste.

Do we need to clog the juvenile system with things such as this when there are kids selling drugs, shooting each other, gangs, etc.... to be dealt with?

I would much rather have my son doing something dumb like this and give him a swift kick in the ass and a slap across the back of his head, then have being a drug dealing gun carrying hoodlum.

Fox News reports:

HOLTSVILLE, N.Y. — Some eighth graders got an early start on April Fool's Day when they handed out doughnuts laced with laxatives to classmates, but it was no laughing matter when five were ticketed by police.

There were no apparent injuries but ambulances were dispatched Friday to Sequoya Middle School on Long Island as a precaution, a spokeswoman for the Sachem School District said.

Suffolk County Police said 19 students and a teacher ingested some of the doped doughnuts. They were screened by the school nurse, Holtsville Rescue personnel and field physicians from the county health department.

Two 13-year-olds and three 14-year-olds were charged with second-degree tampering with a consumer product. The teens, who were not identified because of their age, were issued appearance tickets for Family Court and released to their parents' custody.

Classes proceeded as usual, but parents were given the option to pick up their children. The district also said it would take "appropriate disciplinary action."

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