Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cornell McCleary - "Willing to Speak the Truth"

Seems like only the "white" conservatives are not fooled by Strickland.

This is reposted from Cornell McCleary, WTVN Radio Bad Boy:
Many people in Ohio are in deep do do. Children, poor whites and blacks in general. In Ohio, the general public has observed that under Republican government domination, the black politicos has increased in prominence (black mayors of key Ohio cities), influence(State Senator Ray Miller, State Representative Joyce Beatty and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman) and presence.

To date, I have pretty much held off from publicly commenting on Strickland's actions until I was sure I had a good feel for the man and his plans. I watched with amazement how the media continues to give Strickland public hug after hug no matter how boneheaded his actions are.

I would like this opportunity to make public a question in my mind for a long time. Why is it that when issues of major concern particular to the black community, that the likes of black Democrats Michael Coleman, Joyce Beatty and Ray Miller are silent and my black Republican ass is always up in arms and the majority of the black community are silent on the issues?

McCleary, could have expanded this theory using officials from the N/E Ohio area too.

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