Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cleveland - Corruption as Usual

Cleveland Mayor Frank "Not my brother" Jackson and his cronies are up to it again.

The PD ran a story about unauthorized work being done at the airport without councils approval on Sunday.

Airport Director Ricky Smith, who was appointed by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, is to put it nicely, being less than truthful about the work and the report detailing the findings of abuse and illegally awarded contracts by Smith.

Smith continues to try and muddy the water in the murky swamp of Cuyahoga County and City of Cleveland politics, by twice denying there is any report to Kevin Kelly. Kelly is the City of Cleveland councilman and is also chairman of the Aviation and Transportation Committee.

Directly contradicting Smith's claim of no report to Kelly at Monday night's council meeting is City of Cleveland Spokeswoman Maureen Harper. After promising to release the report on Tuesday, Harper now claims the city is having their lawyers review it for accuracy and the report will not be released until later this week or next week.

So in other words, Councilman Kevin Kelly is told to go blow steam while city lawyers censor the report and Jackson affords Smith some time to try and cover his a**.

The PD wrote:
After announcing Monday that they discovered improper business practices at Cleveland's airport, city officials had yet to report their findings Tuesday to Kevin Kelley..... And the snub has him fuming.

"I'm just frustrated with the whole process," said Kelley, chairman of the "If there's spending going on out there that's not appropriate, council needs to know about it."

The contradictory statements have Kelley even more determined to get an explanation. "I've been told there's not a report," he said in a Tuesday interview. "I'm reading in the paper there is a report."

SO.... if there is a report, should Airport Director Ricky Smith be removed from his job for illegal spending practices AND lying to council numerous times?

Boy, I can't wait to read this watered down report!


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