Sunday, March 18, 2007

Iraq Security Plan Working as Violence Drops

I know this probably just kills the anti-war freaks, but there are more positive signs in Iraq as a direct result of the "Surge" in troops.

The thought of creating a safe environment for the Iraq's to begin to stand on their own, was to deep and complex for these people to understand.

From Global Security.Org -
Moving coalition forces out of big forward operating bases and into smaller community-based combat outposts as part of the Baghdad Security Plan has reduced violence and helped to stabilize northwestern Baghdad, a senior Army officer serving there said today.

Murders are down by more than half since January in the densely populated 93-square-kilometer area controlled by the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, said its commander, Army Col. J.B. Burton.

His troops have found only 10 planted improvised explosive devices this month. That’s down from 36 in January, when 89 IEDs were detonated. So far this month, there have been only 21 IED detonations, Burton reported.

Burton said he believes this decline is directly attributable to his soldiers living in the neighborhoods and working side by side with the Iraqi security forces.

......violence has decreased since implementing the Baghdad Security Plan. “Make no mistake, we are not proclaiming victory yet. There's a lot of tough work ahead, but we are very optimistic,” Burton said.

Meanwhile, the lull in violence is giving local governments time to form and operate. Burton said it’s also boosting the confidence local Iraqi forces,

Now is the time for the anti-war crowd, to take pause. There are more and more positive signs out of Iraq everyday. Of coures there is still violence, but it is decreasing.

Both parties need to put the politics aside and finish this war! The backbiting by both parties, reduces the positive effects our troops our having.

Support 'em, Fund 'em & let our boys kick some insurgent ass so they can come home.


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