Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eagles, bats and rats

March 21, 2007
By Tom Kovach

On Saturday, I was privileged to participate in the Gathering of Eagles in our nation's capital. The gathering was arranged on short notice, mostly via the Internet, as a way for American military veterans to stand and defend our national memorials against any efforts at vandalism by anti-war (and anti-America) protesters from the group ANSWER (Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism). Members of that group had defaced the U.S. Capitol Building with spray-paint in January.

The Gathering of Eagles was designed to assist the United States Park Police in defending the Vietnam Wall and other monuments against similar vandalism.

In short, the gathering could be called the "So Brave" versus "So Confused" event.

Statue in D.C. of the "Lone Sailor," defaced in January by the group Code Pink.
(Photo from Liberty Post message board)

While this column is simply one man's opinion, the viewpoints expressed herein seem to have resonated throughout the National Mall on this year's recent Saint Patrick's Day. And, it is significant to note that the established "lamestream" news media have either ignored or minimized the presence of America's military veterans and their families at the event.

Any of those media stories, however, can be easily countered by the information in this column, and by this Michelle Malkin video. More....

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