Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dann should fire Cuy. Co. Public Affairs Coordinator

Keeping his eye on conservative blogs, Mark Naymik from the PD picked up on this story of typical Cuyahoga County Democrap party hypocrisy from Right Angle Blog.

Attorney General Dann's Regional Public Affairs Coordinator in Cuyahoga County, Marquez Brown, who also obviously not heeding Dann's pledge to keep politics out of the AG office, sent an email to solicit support for Dann in the Cleveland St. Patrick Day Parade on state time from the Cleveland AG office.

From PD Openers:
Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, who nearly beat voters to death last fall with his pledge to keep politics out of the AG's office, might have to remind his staff of his crusade.

Marquez Brown, Dann's regional public affairs coordinator in Cleveland, this week used the office to drum up Democrats interested in walking with Dann in the St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday.

"If you would like to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade with Attorney General Marc Dann, please let me know," he wrote in an email to the Cuyahoga County Young Democrats, first revealed on "It'll be good times. The parade is at 1:00 PM, more details to follow. If you're interested please contact Marquez Brown by responding to this email or contacting me at one of the numbers below."

Brown, a former field coordinator for the Ohio Democratic Party, listed his address and direct-dial phone number in the AG's office.

Ohio law generally frowns upon using taxpayer time and resources for political work.
"It should not have been sent, and he should not have given out the number," said Leo Jennings, a spokesman for Dann's office. "It's not the death penalty -- but he will be reprimanded."

You would think with the democrats in OH who were screaming about corruption and them bad republicans during the election would be very upset with this. Were they? Guess - Nope!

The reaction? When questioned by Naymik, the AG office responded -
"It's not the death penalty -- but he will be reprimanded."

Reprimanded? The man should be fired!

The response, "It's not the death penalty", indicates to me, they feel they can minimize this by trying to down play the email as a mistake or an oversight.

A friend of mine, who is an elected area democrat, is sick of the hypocrisy, corruption & failures of the Cuyahoga Democrats and area leadership, informed me the only reason the guy will get reprimanded is because he got caught. Otherwise, this is "Standard Operating Procedure" for the Cuyahoga County democrats.

Cuyahoga County Democrats may dispute this above assertion made by one of their own, even though former staffers confirm this behavior is encouraged on the local level.


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