Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Strickland got his man, but still no school plan

Eric Fingerhut will be appointed as chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents.

So let's see, Strickland got his man, but still won't commit to a plan. The voters were the fools, Ted has no plan for the schools!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Former state senator, congressman and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Eric Fingerhut will be the next leader of Ohio's higher education system, the Ohio Board of Regents said Wednesday.

Fingerhut, 47, is the director of economic development education and entrepreneurship at Baldwin-Wallace College near Cleveland, where he also has been a faculty member. The board is expected to appoint him as chancellor of the agency that oversees the state's public colleges and universities at a special meeting March 14.

Looks like just like Ted, his man also has no plan!

Fingerhut, said in the statement: "I am committed to providing the aggressive leadership necessary to help make Ohio a global leader in the field of higher education." A message was left seeking additional comment.

We have been waiting for additional comments from Ted too, how about just keeping your promise instead.


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