Sunday, March 25, 2007

Reverend Ted stiffs the poor

Looks like the voters of Ohio are getting to see the real Rev. Strickland. Looks like the Reverend, is stiffing the poor people in Ohio that he vowed to fight for.

I guess that fight was only during the campaign of empty promises in his run for Governor.

In true democrat fashion, Strickland feels the State of Ohio knows more than the parent.

The PD reports on how Rev. Ted will give money to state programs for children, but will short the parents, taking food from the mouth's of the children.
Columbus -- Gov. Ted Strickland drew rave reviews this month when he promised to help out Ohio's poor children by expanding health insurance and bolstering day-care support.

But in the afterglow, some are concerned about the lack of flat-out cash support for Ohio's poorest families in the new governor's first two-year budget proposal.

While day-care providers that serve poor families would get paid more, cash help to the state's poorest families wouldn't go up until they get a cost-of-living increase in 2009.

That seems like kind of a glaring oversight -- that you wouldn't give the families themselves even a cost-of-living increase at all in '08," said State Rep. Jimmy Stewart, an Athens County Republican. He chairs the House subcommittee that will begin to review the poverty section of Strickland's budget next week.

In the last legislative session, Stewart unsuccessfully pushed to raise the monthly cash support for the poor by $100 a month. Currently, a parent and child get $336 a month. A grandparent raising one child gets $245 a month. More....
Pretty ironic how they scream to increase minimum wage, yet leave the poorest people to fend for themselves!

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