Saturday, August 4, 2007

Akron Czar accused of accepting Illegal Campaign Contributions

City of Akron Czar, Don Plusquellic, is being accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions by former Akron Councilman Joe Finley.

Finley will be running against Plusqullic this year in the democrat primary for the Mayors seat.

From ONN --

The mayor's campaign finance statements show dozens of individual donations of $500 and $600.

But the mayor claims the ordinance passed in 2003 caps each election, and the primary and general elections count as two.

But attorney Warner Mendenhall, who fought for spending caps for four years, said that's wrong, and that the cap is per candidate.

"There's no gray area. His own law director told us $300 per candidate," said Mendenhall.

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