Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pigs fall out of truck on way to fair - Tim & Jim?

I felt this post was fitting seeing there were communist pigs running Burning River Fest.

From ONN -

MENTOR, Ohio - Several pigs on their way to the Lake County Fair Sunday fell out of the back of a trailer.

The pigs were on their way to be shown at the fair....

"I knew it was a serious call coming in, but I was thinking it was little pigs. These things go about 250 (Tim) to 300 pounds (Jim) a piece," Lt. Tim Trask said.

"I didn't realize the door was open and I heard a horn blowing. I pulled off to the side and there was two more pigs that got out," pig owner Ray Noonan said.

Could this be Cuyahoga County Commisioners, Tim & Jim, the two Convention Center & MedMart tax pigs?

Their stall cleaner, Peter "I used to work at Lawson's" Jones, is on the way to see.....

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  1. Would this be considered government pork?

    Peter "I used to work at Lawson's" Jones - Now that's funny!


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