Sunday, August 5, 2007

Killed going to the Theater in Cleveland

Another reason NOT to go downtown!

This story is so sad & disgusting, it is hard to even comment on it!

From the PD --

A 57-year-old Brecksville woman visiting the Theater District on Saturday was killed by a 13-year-old boy driving a stolen car and fleeing Cleveland police, according to police.

The car hit the woman, Virginia DiGiorgio, who was crossing the street at the intersection of East 14th Street and Prospect Avenue.

"I seen that lady fly," said Jamie Large, a parking lot attendant for the U.S. Bank garage catty-corner to where the woman was hit.

May God be with this women, her family and friends!


  1. How is this another reason Not to go downtown? This was a sad and tragic incident that could have happened in any city. I have read stories of police chasings occurring in cities and suburbs. If this happend in Lakewood or Cleveland Heights, would that be a reason not to visit those cities. Can we all for once stop trying to come up with reasons to bad mouth Cleveland.

  2. Thank you for reading my post and making a comment but....

    How is this Not anouther reason to go downtown? Are you a complete retard?

    The lady was going to see Lion King and she got killed by some scumbag kids in a stolen car.

    The police called off the chase. Do not try to place blame on them, they were doing their jobs. They would have been chasing nobody had the little punk ass thugs not stolen the car.

    These policemen will now be burdened the rest of their life asking.... should we have continued after them or should we have stopped earlier?

    Are you one of the bleeding hearts that feels sorry for these poor misguided punks?

    How about another reason NOT to go downtown.... Did you hear about the guy that got shot this morning (8:30am) at E.30th & Euclid?

    Yes things happen in other cities, but not anywhere close to what happens in Cleveland. Remember you are only reading the ones the paper prints.

    Couple weeks ago... guy leaves a bar in the flats.... get's shot in the head.

    Clevelands crime rate is over 50% higher than the national average. We are on pace to break our record for murders in a year.

    That's pretty good advertising for the Med-Mart, huh? Wanting to bring convention going tourists to Cleveland, will be like shooting fish in a barrel for these thugs.

    Don't get me started on the illegal red light cameras, cost of parking or the homo tax for the arts on cigarettes!

    This lady went downtown to enjoy one of the so called gems of our city and got killed!

    Are you new here? Must be.

    If there were reasons to talk good about Cleveland, we would.

    One last question, was it hard to type your comment with your head in your ass?

  3. Your language discredits your statements and the tenor of civil discourse in Cleveland. You're part of the problem, King. Think it over and change your paradigm if you want to be part of the solution.

  4. I don't know there anon, it looks like language or not King pretty much hits it on the head.

    So then if he did not say your head was in your ass or you were a retard, his argument is pretty good. Right? Emotional, but accurate.

    I don't see many solutions on the horizon. Seems like there are more heavy thinkers such as you, than there are doers.

    This cannot be sugar coated we will never solve the problem.

    I take exception to you alluding the police were at fault with this accident. That line of thinking is what the main problem is in Cleveland - to many do-nothing do-gooders.

    As a women, I will not go downtown unless with a group.

    Have you looked at the comments on the PD's website? You are in the minority with your line of thoughts. Seems you maybe the problem on this one.

    God Bless

  5. Anon #1 - maybe I was strong. Get pretty upset when I see an innocent life taken for no reason other than 4 punks out for a joy ride.

    My smart ass remarks aside, I still stand by my statements. No, I do not need to change. The problem is NOT ENOUGH people are screaming for this to stop.

    The let's say nice things and ignore the truth about Cleveland works as good as clicking your heels three times!

    Can you honestly say someone has the same chance of having a violent encounter in Cleve. Hts or Lakewood as they would in Cleveland?

    Again, thank you for reading and commenting on the post.


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