Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cleveland no longer "Poorest City"

Well the City of Cleveland and Cuy. Co. officials must be dancing in the streets. They can no longer be beat up for being the poorest city in the United States. Taking this title 2 years in a row - Cleveland is on the move up.

According to the latest rankings of the U.S. Census Bureau, Cleveland has made a HUGE jump from being the #1 Poorest City to the #4 Poorest City.

As our area officials always have the best interest of the residents first and foremost on their minds, getting this monkey off their back must have weighed heavy on their minds, right?

Yeah, right.... this is Cleveland/Cuyahoga County, so we should know better! Much like the care they showed by forcing a sales tax increase on us, Cleveland's "Missing Mayor," Frank Jackson states....
"It really doesn't mean anything," Jackson said. "We went from 1 to 12 to 1. Now we're 4. That doesn't really reflect our overall condition."
Doesn't mean anything? Doesn't reflect our overall condition?

Where does this guy live? Told you he was the "Missing Mayor"!


  1. jackson is right. there is no meaningful or measurable difference between being number one or number four, the difference is that we had a few more "poor" people migrate to the section 8 housing in the inner ring suburbs and a few more than normal were killed (by each other). i still prefer jackson to jane freakin campbell who would have called a news conference and bragged about our "progress" and saying that the reason for our "progress" was that her policies led to us being able to provide economic security to the felons returning to our community (from prison), while she had downsized the police department by nearly three hundred members. YES, she really said this. It would seem to me that you would want to make the felons feel less secure so that they would leave in favor of somewhere that they would feel more secure. what a dumb c--t!

  2. Thanks you for reading the post and taking the time to comment.

    While I respect your position, I do believe it is flawed.

    You got me, Jackson is right, there is no diiference between being #1 poorest city and #4 poorest city. They are both suck!

    While Campbell was useless and always blew her own horn, Jackson is useless and non existent.

    As for felons reentering society... wouldn't providing economic security in the form of jobs be a good thing?

    As you noted, making a ex felon feel less secure will force them to the outer ring suburbs. How does this fix the problem. WOuld this not bring the suburbs down to the baseent with Cleveland?

    While depending on the crime, after serving a sentence, should a person (Felon) not be allowed to rebuild their lives?

    I know several ex felons that made a mistake, have paid the price to society have been released and are still paying the price, years and years later.

    Best part of it is, these guys are, or were, not even close to being as bad as the thieves we have running Cleveland and Cuyahoga County!

  3. i agree with that. they are legalized racketeers. poverty pimps. i'm not talking about these guys with one or two felony convictions. i'm referring to these guys with 10-15-20 convictions that we keep coddling in this community and advertising it as a place that they should seek out in order to be comfortable. put the hammer on em, and get them out of the entire region. c'mon mr. king, new orleans and the gulf region of mississippi has construction jobs paying 12-15 dollars per hour available to anyone who wants to work with the rebuilding of the infrastructure after the hurricane. but, we coddle these folks and they can stay here, get free housing, a check in the mail (SSI), drink a few 40 ouncers on the porch while everyone else is working and then go out for a night of stealing and smokin. this is what i'm talking about. next jail sentence "either you go get some damn work where there are jobs available, or you're going to have a job making little rocks out of big rocks for a long time right here in the state of ohio. it's not that complicated.


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