Friday, August 17, 2007

Cleveland Violates Own Mobile Traffic Camera Law

Great job Cleveland.... with the incompetence running this city, would it surprise anybody if they learned Cleveland has been illegally ticketing people for speeding using their illegally placed mobile traffic cameras?

From the PD --
When Cleveland started using the cameras in 2005 to catch speeders, City Council required the director of public safety to notify the public by press release at least 30 days before a traffic camera was used.

Mike Besser of South Euclid said he presented a hearing officer at the Justice Center with the city's ordinance and a copy of an e-mail from the Law Department that stated the city never sent out a release for its use of mobile cameras.

Both of his speeding violations were dismissed Wednesday. More....

The fact that Cleveland raised almost $1.5 million in fines for illegal speeding tickets does not faze the administration one bit! Mayor Jackson's office feel the above ruling is no big deal and any previously tired cases cannot be challenged.

Being the same Mayor who crafted his budget on monies from Steelyard Commons that were to be given away as federal/state tax abatement's, this should not surprise anyone!

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  1. I just stay away from Cleveland, is safer and cheaper.


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