Saturday, August 4, 2007

Obama Eats "Wheaties" & Talks Tough

Just finishing off his bowl of "Wheaties," Obama puffs out his chest and talks tough on Al-Qaeda.

With Hillrod showing a bigger lead after he tipped the world off that he has NO experience in foreign policy, Obama feel trying to act like Reagan will help his slowly sinking campaign.

By far, he is no Reagan and his remarks prove his minimal knowledge on international affairs...

From Al-Jazeera --

Barack Obama, the US presidential candidate, has said he would be prepared to attack al-Qaeda targets inside Pakistan without Islamabad's approval.

Tariq Azeem, Pakistan's minister of state for information, called the comments "sheer ignorance."

Tasnim Aslam, a spokeswoman for Pakistan's foreign ministry, told AFP she would not comment as Obama was not president, but added: "These are serious matters and should not be used for point-scoring.

"Political candidates and commentators should show responsibility."

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