Saturday, August 25, 2007

Leaving Iraq Now a "Giant Step Backward"

Noting that Iran continues to increase its' role inciting sectarian violence and continuing to smuggle weapons into Iraq, an Army Commander stated, "leaving now would be a giant step backwards."

From Iran Focus --
A top Army commander in Iraq yesterday said Iran's Revolutionary Guard is trying to disrupt U.S. military gains by ramping up weapons and training support for radical Shi'ite groups.

"We are up against a new wave of lethality sponsored by the enemies of the people of Iraq and its government," said Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of a division in central Iraq.

He emphasized that withdrawing troops from Iraq would be a "giant step backward" — a day after Republican Sen. John W. Warner of Virginia recommended a basically symbolic pullout of some troops by Christmas. More....
While the MSM fails to report any successes in Iraq, there are many. As time has went on, Iraqi civilians are stepping up more and more to help coalition forces against Al-Qaeda and other terrorists in Iraq. Some even sacrificing their own lives to protect our soldiers.

Finally starting to realize our troops are there to help & protect them, Iraqi citizens are starting to bond with our troops and not recognize them as invaders or occupiers. Our troops, with the cooperation of the Iraqi's, are successfully rebuilding the infrastructure, medical facilities and schools.

While the Iraqi leadership may be questionable, the Iraqi citizens are starting to do their part. To pull out now, would be to abandon the very people we went to help!

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