Wednesday, August 22, 2007

South Carolina Prisoners; Pretty in Pink

The poor prisoners (insert sarcasm) in South Carolina are having their rights violated.

Prisoners are upset that Prison Director for the Dept. of Corrections wants to help prisoners that engage in homosexual acts to get more in touch with their feminine side.....

South Carolina's prisons director on Tuesday defended a policy of punishing inmates who perform sex acts by dressing them in pink, despite a lawsuit claiming the rule subjects prisoners to ridicule.

State Corrections Department John Ozmint said the two-year-old punishment deters inmates and protects female officers. His agency has asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

"We don't believe the United States Constitution protects an inmate's right to publicly gratify himself," Ozmint said. "We're hopeful federal courts won't look into our Constitution and create such a right." More....

Personally, I find it very considerate of Ozmint offering this service for the "sweeter" prisoners.

This concept may actually acts as a deterrent to keep other prisoners who would not want to wear pink from forcing themselves on a unwilling participant.

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