Thursday, August 23, 2007

Liberal Traitors & Conservative Wimps

A column by Tristan Emmanuel at World Net Daily takes a look at Bernard Goldberg's latest book, "Crazies to the Left of me, Wimps to the Right."

Noting that Goldberg's book accurately describes liberals as, "loony, stupid and states liberals have abandoned the core principles of men such as FDR and JFK, while the Republicans have lost their courage," Emmanuel remarks that liberalism in our country is much more dangerous than Goldberg let's on and Goldberg's book lacked the courage to point this out.

Calling Goldberg a wimp for failing to take the liberals to task, Emmanuel states, "simply dismissing the liberals as "loony" or "stupid" is dangerous and juvenile...."

From WND --
Liberals aren't just "loony" or "stupid." These are all adjectives he uses to describe the principal players in mainstream liberalism. And neither is liberalism just "becoming increasingly irrelevant," as he asserts. I wish Goldberg were right about that. I wish liberalism were irrelevant – if that were true, we wouldn't have to worry so much about what 2008 might have in store.

But liberalism's problem is much more systemic then Goldberg lets on, and his book lacks the courage to state what his evidence uncovers.

Liberals are traitors – at least the self-conscious ones are. And it is not because they hate Bush or disagree with the Iraq war. Their treason stems from their behavior – from the way they go around telling everyone that they hate Bush and disagree with the war – even to the extent that they sympathize with and give material aid to the enemy. More....

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