Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mayor Sutherland - Not our Star!

PD Openers calls Bay Village Mayor Deborah Sutherland a reluctant star refering to a letter written by RPCC Finance Committee Chairmen, Dick Pogue, to "party insiders" remarking how the leadership of the RPCC may be pushing to run for higher office.....
Cuyahoga County Republican Party leaders are pushing Bay Village Mayor Deborah Sutherland to run for a larger office.

"As RPCC Finance Committee Chairman, I want to let you know about (CuyahogaCounty Republican Party Chairman) Rob Frost's desire to see Bay Village Mayor Deborah Sutherland run for higher office, and about my enthusiasm in supporting her in such anendeavor," writes Dick Pogue in a letter to party insiders
inviting them to a fund-raiser next month with Sutherland.....

Funny thing is Sutherland, re-elected in 2005, says she has no plans. "We are not talking about anything," she insisted in an interview. "It's just a fund-raiser."

"I would never run against Tim," Sutherland said, though she won't say if she will seek the seat if Hagan retires.

Well Mayor Sutherland should be pushed by the RPCC, but not for higher office. She should be pushed out of our party! She could take some of the "party insiders" with her too!

Reluctantly, I must take issue with Mr. Pogue speaking publicly on behalf of the party. I find it very disingenuous to state our party wishes her to run for higher office, when this is NOT the general consensus among the rank and file in our party. This is evident in the tabling of the poor RPCC platform she helped create.

If Mr. Pogue feels the need to publicly speak for our party he should have written a letter to the PD stating how many in our party also wanted us to take a stance against the forced sales tax increase.

The article points out Pogue mailed this letter to party insiders....

Here is a message for them - Get ready to get sent packing! The social club of "party insiders" will no longer be allowed to hijack our party. We will no longer support your pandering to the local democrats or democrat thinking candidates such as Sutherland, Akers, Patton, etc....

We will no longer tolerate GOP elected officials or party members such as, Roger Synenberg, to openly donate to democrats. The "party insiders" can take note - If you donate too or support a democrat candidate you will be made an example of.

The way of life as you now know it in the RPCC will change. The losing ways of your "social club" and the "take what crumbs the Cuy. Co. dems give us," is going to be sent packing.

The poor situation in Cuyahoga County is not all the fault of the democrats. Our party, under these insiders, has failed its' members and the general public of Cuyahoga County. As a party we have offered nothing of substance in over 20 yrs. We have allowed the local dems to run roughshod over our party and the voters of this county.

I will offer a bit of advice... the harder the insiders push to stop or resist this change, the more foolish they will be made to look. The harder they try to stop the change, the more THEY will divide the RPCC.

It would be in their & the RPCC's best interest for them to hop on their donkeys and slowly ride away!


  1. Dick Pogue is the current party (at least those that consider the MK Ferguson Building our HQ).
    Sutherland and all of the 'GOP' mayors that supported this taxation without representation issue should be challenged by those of us who believe that we cannot tax and mis-spend our way to nirvana.

  2. You guys have to remember that Dick Pogue is one of the players, still, like the senescent Sam Miller, and has the power of the purse, which is probably what bought off the local Republican party in this last referendum to put the sales tax issue on the ballot. We presently live daily with their legacy; as a matter of fact, we are fully "dicked up," and you might want to put that into the common parlance when you talk about the local party from this point forward.

  3. Tim... not probably. It was the exact reason our party did not come out against the sales tax increase.

    The "money men" of the party were against supporting the referendum to put the sales tax increase on the ballot from the word Go!

    How dumb does someone have to be to believe the promise that the sales tax will be rescinded after 20 yrs.?

    I strongly believe, had the RPCC, as a party, came out against this tax increase, it would be on the ballot.

    I feel pulling our support of the referendum at the last minute, after earlier supporting it, is very indicative of what our local party has become.

    Could this be considered a John Kerry democrat flip flop? Your damn right it is!

    As for living with their legacy.... I think as ineffective as our party has been for so long in this area will be their legacy. They will be remembered for dumbing down the masses in the Executive & Central Committee's. They have created a culture of accepting defeat and a perception that we cannot win races because Cuy. Co. is too democrat.

    Their excuses will no longer be tolerated. Many rank & file are starting to see this. We are starting to pierce the political veil that they continually drape over the truth.

    So I ask, are we Fully "dicked up" or Duly "F'd up"?

    Whatever the answer may be... they better understand there is going to be a change for the better in how our party is run.

    From this point forward, they will no longer dictate what the party is going to do.

    They need to realize, and they will, that without the volunteers, their money means nothing.

  4. Unhappy RPCC "Insider"August 27, 2007 at 7:10 PM

    King it is about time somebody began to speak out about the crap going on in our party! This little movement of discontent has been a long time coming.

    I have been a volunteer and involved for several years and never heard of you. How long have you been on the Central Committee?

    You are a breath of fresh air. Where the hell did you come from?

    Great work at the last platform meeting. Do you think they are going to try to push that same platform on us again? I hope not!

    Since I must deal with many people in the "social club" & party insiders, for obvious reasons I cannot leave my real name.

    Just know this, many are silently supporting you. Keep up the good work.

    I wish you the best of luck, it will be needed.

  5. What are they doing that is so bad?

    I am sure they are much smarter than you and know what is best for our party.

  6. Frosty the Snow JobAugust 28, 2007 at 10:53 AM

    Careful King, you better watch out, the "job accumulator" may have his bulldog Dave Hamburger come after you.


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